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October 28, 2017


Letizia, in Venice, with Ampi who has passed on.

Question: our dog is ill, it’s a terminal illness, not soon, but at some point. We wondered if we went on holiday, leaving him with caring people he would be all right? Or would he miss us? We are very torn as to what to do.


When you have a pet you enter into a deep relationship with it. If it becomes ill and you go away, even though you’ve left it with very caring people, it creates a stress. A relationship is like a circle, if one being in the circle is suffering, you and all the other people involved in that relationship feel it, this sharing assists in the shared difficulty. If you take a distance, this will be felt by the animal’s emotional body. It’s good for your sick dog to stay with what is familiar, territory, smells, because that sustains him, things you may not notice.

If you had someone who was part of the circle of relationship who could look after the dog whilst you were away, then he would be reassured. Dogs have one of the closet links to humans.

Having an animal, like a dog is a special journey. It’s one of devotion, loyalty and so when the animal is dying it is a precious time. Your pet came into incarnation to evolve and to give love back, just like a human being. The richness of the love that animal friends give is very pure, they ask for very little back. They are a real example to the human family. So now at the end of the journey it’s a time to spend together, in love, with love, and the sense of healing. This is how you can help.

Your dog enriches your life and you enrich his. There is a bond and an exchange of love as well as the difficulties you have encountered through your life and his life. Your love will sustain him longer than the vet expects. It will also ease the suffering. As the physical recedes the emotional body widens and enhances the link to those ones that care for it. It’s easy to relate to the emotional body of an animal because it is raw instinctual goodness, whereas with humans it’s more complex. So as your animal friend is nearing journey’s end this is where your work begins, with this deeper relating to his emotional body. This in a sense gives the feeling you are not losing him, even though the physical body is weakening. You are reassuring your dog that you are there, and that the link is strong. He does know he’s going through a change.

The dog will know when he’s really leaving, the weakening will alert him. He does not have a concept like you have of death, so in a sense he’s freer. His small body will leave the physicality swiftly. Actually he will know more where he’s going than what he’s leaving. For humans it’s more prolonged because of the physical, mental, emotional bodies which are more complex, more layers to transfer from, unlike animals.

Also he’s used to your vibration, that’s how you speak to one another. Your dog is in telepathic contact. He can tell you what he needs if you tune in. There is a simplicity in the response, really a yes or a no. If there is complexity then it’s your feelings not your pet’s. They do not change their minds easily, they are consistent, unlike human beings. People who are lonely and have pets can imagine their animal feels all sorts of things, but this is not the case. Animals make decisions on their instincts which are clear and directed, just like plant which grows in just one way. But dogs, in particular, have the ability to sense love, intimacy, closeness and distance.

Animals are influenced by the style of their owners, they are like children, so similarities between the two can be observed. If the animal is adopted later, the energetic exchange with the earlier owner will then play a part in how compatible the dog is with its new owner. Of course they can suffer mental problems either because of an accident or they’ve been ill treated.

Animal friends contribute much more to the happiness of humans than is realised. By you giving back to them it also enriches you.

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