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December 2, 2017


Defending A Wall Of Resentment

Question: I heard this quote:  “holding resentment is like drinking poison, and waiting for the other person to die.” Could you expand upon this?

Munjiji: When you find yourself in situations where you have to say no, but instead you say yes, then a little resentment builds up. This can be damaging in the long run, so it is better to say no than to build up resentment, which will impact on your daily functioning in life.

The problem with resentments is that you start sitting on things rather than noticing what is happening vibrationally. Resentment starts like a mist, which then becomes a fog, causing your auric energy to be squeezed, and this leads to the resentment becoming a wall. Consequently you become less clear, and your mind is confused when dealing with the person associated with the resentment. Then indecision appears, and this is not a sign of deep thinking, but a lack of clear thinking. By this time you are now trapped behind a wall of resistance or denial.

If you resent a situation or person look clearly into it. By holding resentment there is no solution, only entanglement, you are paralysed. This is so important in relationship, and although eventually you have to forgive, before you can do that you have to notice your resentment.

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