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Soul and Personality

Passing Clouds

Passing Clouds

The soul is constantly aware that the personality may be lost in the outer form of things, but the personality is not aware of the loss of contact. Many things are needed to awaken the personality to the knowing that there is something more than the physical appearance, the emotions and the thoughts.

You are all so attached to your thoughts! They are passing clouds. What you thought of last week is different to this week. Pay attention to the fullness of your own nature, as you gather more soul into your personality and your daily life.

Do not rely on what is out of balance. Rely on what holds balance.

Balance arises out of the result of all your experiences, and often a good deal of suffering, because that’s what the human being has chosen in order to mature and evolve. Then, the clarity begins to pierce the veil of obscuration, which is the cloud over the lower mind and the emotions.

Despair Is Part of The Human Condition – But Don’t Make It Last Too Long

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

You cannot bypass anything in front of you – so attend painstakingly to your life, to this existence.

At times you have a sense of falling. The falling has to be included, because value systems are disintegrating, all the things you held, people in your life, circumstances, opportunities, there is a feeling of falling apart.

Things leave, people leave you, you leave them, and all the ideas and identities of yourself are tumbling away, but there is a move/ flow in this abandonment.

The Alchemy of Transformation

Embrace it. If you resist it you are suffering. In resisting the fall you are opposing the alchemy of transformation.

Downward flow does not mean you lose faith or hope in yourself- it is a temporary collapse of perception, of truth, but there is a need to enter a new phase; this can be an upward step or a downward one.

The human limitation is that you judge it because it feels more intense, you are displeased, it goes against the grain, against the reassurance that you are expecting protection, and the unfolding of a natural evolution of your life.

A Message of Expansion

When in a downward flow, do not crystallize the movement as absolute. First, you don’t know where it is taking you. Be curious, retain observation, and you can glimpse that there is a message for you in it. The message is not that of discomfort but is a message of expansion. Go back to a sense of expansiveness.

When you are concerned with your personal fall, a small antidote is to remember that the same fall has touched so many humans on this plane.

You Are Not alone

You are not alone when you have lost the job, love, child, battle. You are never alone; other humans have experienced this. This can give you strength- why? You can relax in the inclusion that you are not the only one experiencing this experience. So you move away from the self-identification, which truly obscures your light. And remember your light is who you truly are.

When you feel this tsunami of your life, remember this has happened in physical form to thousands of people across the world. As you expand, embrace and think of those suffering the same distress and destabilization. As you expand, stay with it, and what arises is not despair, it’s the spirit of generosity. You begin to be generous to yourself and others.

Embrace Others

As soon as you embrace others, your individuality is not so limited any more. Naturally the internal ‘I’ expands. This is the function of embracing, not because you assume a false identity of a religious stance, but naturally from your soul you are an expansive and transformative being. It comes from the inclusion of all. There is nothing more beautiful than this as you cultivate a different wavelength- that of empathy towards others- an upward movement- a new energetic point.

To Feel For Others

Beyond morality it’s a natural law of human nature to feel for others as much as you feel for yourself. Some feel through silence, interaction, conversation, touch, embracing, transmission of heart, thoughts, transmission of soul.

There are so many ways to communicate. You are never isolated. The level of receiving the transmission needs to be recognised, so become subtler and recognise the different ways of communicating. Your compassion for all other beings who are suffering is felt across the universe and you can help others not to feel they are alone in their despair.

Include Expand Accept

We are beings in activity all the time. Recognise sometimes that you have received a loving thought but you weren’t able to translate it. If things don’t seem to reach you in a response you recognise, ask your helpers and guides to send the answer in a way that it can be received. You may be too dense to pay attention.  As you begin to perceive/ intuit/ hope- you know that the river is flowing in the energetic direction upwards. Begin to walk it- be attentive and humble, as there are openings, dreams, fulfilment of a potential.

There is a beautiful teaching in suffering: despair is part of the human condition, but don’t make it last too long. Remember to include, expand, and accept.

Pauses Are A Call For Acceptance

When there is point of acceptance it is a time of stillness, and out of true acceptance a new movement comes. Acceptance is a point- it’s a dynamic point of presence that carries tremendous potency for change. It is not static or passive, but it means you are positive within. Not downcast or elated, but you are stable and new forces can gather. Out of that movement taking place it does not hold a karmic imprint as it flows out of the soul. There are movements, pauses, movements, pauses. Pauses are a call for acceptance.



Location Means Nothing When You Surpass It

Location Means Nothing When You Surpass It

Here is the answer concerning an individual but it has a lot of information that is relevant for all.

Munjiji : Please tell A… and the daughters that T… continuing his evolution in the subtle world. This has not been affected in any way by the manner of his death. Although this man was in despair, behind that despair is a good will, and also a wish to understand what was lying behind that unbearable element of his life.

His wish to know the cause of his suicide is drawing help from beings in the invisible world. He is being helped because of  his willingness to try and understand what was not understood when he lived on earth.

His mind. which of course does continue after leaving the physical body, is being given the opportunity to see that there are fresh possibilities and understandings. He is being given assistance to review this most recent life. To understand why things developed in such a painful way.

If later on in this review process he begins to feel regret at the way he left the earth there will be help to enable him to integrate this experience.

We wish to reassure you that people who leave the earth in such a painful way are never abandoned when they transition into the subtle world.

Of course when the mind and the emotions are free of their identity with the physical body, they actually expand, although this isn’t quite correct. But this is the best way we can explain it to you.

Next what happens is the veil between the soul and the mind is removed so there is a sense of the soul coming forward to assist. (Just to digress for a moment you need to understand that when you incarnate a part of your soul remains behind. The other part comes into consciousness with you. When you die then these two parts of the soul are reunited.)

So when these two aspects reunite they then are helping the personality which still persists for quite a long time after death. Eventually the personality will dissolve. But for now there is a period of rest, particularly as the mind has been subjected to a sudden expansion and needs to find its own bearings. Often there is a great feeling of joy. A metaphor would be that it is similar to your astronauts experiencing weightlessness and this can also be a little disorienting.

There is a need to come to terms with the new dimension and reassemble past present & future conditions, particularly when the physical life has been abruptly severed. This process takes quite a long time. Eventually the soul is ready to receive new teaching & insight about how to evolve further. So the soul will be aware of having left behind family & friends who may be concerned about the evolution of the soul. ( This is what the questioners main concern is.)

Please convey to A…that T… doing well, he has taken a period of rest and he is now working to understand what brought him to that abrupt end of his life. He is trying to reconcile a number of elements that he could not reconcile whilst he was alive. As he understands he will then be able to expand and introduce fresh elements into his understanding which will be very healing for him.

The link that he has with his family is never interrupted not even by death. Sometimes the link actually becomes stronger, because certain emotional elements that were not dominant in his life are actually now more present. So it is a time of revelation now that is bringing in to balance something that went out of balance whilst he was alive.

All that we are explaining to you exists outside of time so it does not necessarily happen sequentially the way that you would understand. What we are describing could actually take place in your understanding in a matter of minutes or it could be months. This is where it is difficult for us to translate this in a sequence that you would understand. Of course the fact that there is an evolutionary level to this does imply a sequence and this is true.

T…… being well looked after and he is beginning to operate in accordance with those things he values. What he is learning to value is what he found difficult to value then. He is learning about relating and also the value of the human journey and in no way is his soul lost. His subtle body contains his old understanding and also his memories but it is also now incorporating his new understanding. He is also able to establish links with those ones left behind if they wish to contact him from heart to heart, from mind to mind.

Our words do not convey everything that we would wish to communicate to you but they will help to link you at an energetic level and this is actually the most powerful level of all.

Divine Being

Munjiji: “Mind means measurement. Don’t let the mind convince you that you are not a divine being.”



Gratitude Tree

Gratitude Tree


Grace is distributed generously and abundantly from the highest to those in need. It is a distribution of bountifulness, goodness and graciousness, because you are naturally divine beings. However you do not know the timing of the descent because you are in this body.

Grace Infiltrates 

An awareness of Grace comes by establishing a beautiful relationship first with your heart, then with your soul or your light, and then with the source of all being. From that relationship grace infiltrates, at first gently, unobtrusively, unnoticed by you. However you are always the recipient of all manner of Graces. It’s just you are slightly veiled to the understanding of the manifestation of Grace.

To recognise Grace you have to be open fully with your invisible eyes, invisible ears, invisible senses, and totally open to understand when Grace descends, when Grace is approaching. It’s made of that ongoing dialogue. It is as if the the universal source of all being requires that dialogue.

Why? Because you are divine beings holding the power of opening to that calling. But at the same time there is no action, thought or specific attitude that can call it. That’s why it’s called Grace, because it is bountiful, omnipresent and it pervades the texture of existence.

Threads of Life Existence

You are always pulling certain threads of life existence, but you don’t notice that the thread of Grace is really next to you. Perhaps it is brushing your face, but you are so intent on looking for a different thread, that you do not notice Grace.

It requires a certain opening, a flowering of your openness to receive Grace. It’s always there and you are always potentially the recipient. Instead you keep noticing other, more attractive threads of existence. Sometimes they are not so attractive, but they are habitual, and they are the colours you recognise. Grace is not something you associate with your daily life, but it is really woven into your very being.

You can bring closer the awareness of the descent of Grace by practising Gratefulness. Gratefulness allows the recognition of the descent of Grace, because the two are related. Gratefulness, which is the recognition of what has been given to you, paves the way for the recognition of Grace.

Gratefulness, Beauty (Harmony of Elements) and Grace

Gratefulness also paves the way for the further Beauty, and Beauty is an act of divinity at the highest level. So you distribute Beauty around you, Beauty through your soul, through your heart, through the music of your heart, through whatever you wish to manifest. This paves the way for the recognition of the descent of Grace. So these three are very related.

Gratefulness allows you to step into the ground of existence, naked of expectations. If you are Grateful every day for one thing, two things, three things, small things, if you are Grateful for whatever is offered to you, it means then you are truly Grateful for whatever is presented to you. You are now naked in the presence of life existence.

That nakedness presents a tremendous resonance, because it means that you are empty of contents to which negativity sticks.

In the Gratefulness of all that comes along, you are making yourself emptier and more vibrant. It is an emptying of what sticks to you, and you can let go. And from that nakedness Beauty arises. And from the Beauty there is outpouring of love, because Grace is a tremendous source of love, that descends in a potent manner. Grace has the power to transform, this is love in a transformative manner.

Devoid of Unnecessary Elements

To truly receive, you need to be naked to the content of what your mind is supposed to hold or not hold, accept or not accept, judge, assess, encourage, discourage… It needs simply to be very open. So it is easier for those beings who become more and more naked to life. You often use the word “empty”, but it does not convey the true meaning, so we prefer “nakedness”, which means that you are devoid of unnecessary elements.

With that nakedness, there is a natural calling of the recognition of Beauty. Now you step into a rarified atmosphere, which you live in all the time, but at present you do not recognise it, because the wavelengths on which you are functioning are slightly coarser.

When Grace is mature in your being in a way that can be recognised, it will touch all levels of your being: physical body, emotional body, mental body and your heart will recognise a slight tearing.

Grace is an Opening

Remember, Grace is an opening, it’s not a conclusion or a fulfilment. It’s an experience, a kind of tearing of the heart, it’s an opening like a lightening, which is called an awakening. So it’s directly connected to awakening of souls. Awakening sometimes can come through a tremendous shaking of  your identity.

When Grace descends as a lightening directly into your personality, your emotional body and directly into your heart being, then you become illumined. That lightening has the perfect way of working with your soul, because your soul is made of light and recognises instantaneously the potency. However maybe that “undo” aspect of the personality, your lower mind had no plan to be undone, had no such intention, so you don’t call it Grace, but it is Grace. So you see how it is veiled sometimes from you.

It is actually taking place ongoingly, but you only recognise it as Grace when a miracle happens to you, when something was going wrong in your life and it’s seen as a great help. Yes that’s true, but the real act of Grace is the potency and the transformation of your being, that’s the greatest act of Grace, and for that, your nakedness of heart and being is the invitation.

Sometimes it is called surrender. But it’s a very active position, there is nothing passive about that position, allowing to let go and letting go. But it begins with gratitude, with the ability to recognise the validity of life experience from whatever colouring it presents. This is one particular angle today, it is a vast subject.

The Texture of Existence is Love






Q: I’ve had disappointments in my life, but now I am on a spiritual path and want to let go of my old life with love. How can I do this?

The way of love can be seen with the image of the rose, a beautiful flower that also has a thorn.  Pain like the thorn needs to be acknowledged before you can step into love.

There are many levels and ways of expression of love.

We have said before that the texture of existence is love. This is not something you add because this force is naturally flowing through you. You are never without it.  All of you are weavers of love. Having said that it is one of the most difficult things to sustain in a natural way but easy to do it artificially.

Love is not something that arises through any concept, emotion or sentimentality. You may look at a baby or a young animal and feel love. You may have the experience of falling in love. These are flashes of fire of passion. Passion is a gradient of love. Passion is something that rises but it also goes. When we speak of the word love it is an ongoing throbbing of the pattern of existence. This has not yet been mastered by the human family, if it had you would live a completely different existence.

Love Begins with Acknowledging Pain

The journey of love often begins with acknowledging your pain. This means you are beginning to show inclusion and beginning to give what you call love to those moments of existence where you were misunderstood, unloved, and people were not treating you correctly.

As we said, love begins with pain and in order to sharpen your vision you need the lens of truth. There is nothing like sharpening your vision towards pain otherwise you are glossing over and using concepts.

You don’t have to do anything about it other than acknowledging all the places in life where things went wrong. Then in order to walk the path of love you have to ask yourself : ‘do I still hold resentment about what happened’? Do I feel my blood boiling at the memory of that?

Or another version ; are you saying it doesn’t matter when in fact it does and you are simply lying to yourself. There is a simmering wave underneath that you are not acknowledging, and you are not noticing the potency of that energy.

Actually you need the potency of that energy to meet the energy of love. When the energy of love meets your physical form it can be almost crushing. People experience this with kundalini experiences when the energy rises up from the base chakra.

Love Begins with the Thorn not the Rose

So you need to look at all the resentments you are holding, because to enter the path of love, you need to first of all include all those parts of you that need love. Those parts that feel hard done by, be it by life or people. Until you can start loving those parts of yourself you cannot enter the path of love.That’s why it begins with the thorn, not the rose.

So although you may want to say you love everyone you need to examine all the profound dislikes, intolerances, judgements, and so on that you have towards other people. You can experience these energies in the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. When you do that you begin to know yourself a little bit more and have compassion for yourself. When you see what you do not like in yourself the mirror of existence begins to get a little bit clearer.

The Light of Your Soul

When the mirror of existence begins to get clearer you get glimpses of sparks of the light of your soul. It begins with acknowledging what you don’t like in yourself but do it without judgement instead look at it as information you are getting that will help you move forward. As you do this a sense of relief may come because you are no different to anybody else. Everybody else is struggling with polishing that lens of existence.

Coming back to that word passion, because you operate in passion you often have a passion for the profound dislike for the way life is treating you. But as you continue to polish the lens through which you look at life you realise that some things you thought were important in fact are not. Of course you need shelter and food, but there are many things you think you need that you don’t.

Common Sense and More Common Sense

One thing you need is common sense in your life and more common sense. You need to be grounded. However the letting go of things and people comes through acknowledging that you made mistakes in your choices but you can try other ways. Don’t judge yourself, it’s a waste of precious energy and gets you nowhere when in fact you could be moving on.

But letting go can be a tricky process because you can easily view it as ‘I failed’ – another judgement. It’s letting go with wisdom, recognising that some people, places, activities do not resonate with you. They may be fine for other people but this is where you need discrimination.

By doing this does not mean you are not loving you are being wise and keeping yourself in the flow of that energy of love that is flowing through you. It is life showing you the way.

Life Wants More for You

Look at it as life is loving you more than what you are living at present and so wants more for you. The wider existence wants more for me!

When you do this you are walking on a very precise trajectory that leads you to meet love. For some of you love has met you already and is dismantling the whole of your world for purposes of love. But this love is not personal love. Personal love can meet you along the way and is a lovely accompaniment and also there is soul work but we can talk about that another time.

But the love we have been speaking about comes from essence, the absolute and is completely impersonal yet wants you all for itself. Rest assured all  is well, love is pulling you to itself in its own unique way.

New Year 2015

Candles lit at the session representing each person's aspirations

Candles lit at the session representing each person’s aspirations

We do understand it is a special night for you all as you experience the transition from one year to another. This brings new aspirations & intentions from your side. We can see the spark of aspiration in your subtle mind. We can also see little clouds that are passing by which are the things holding you back. These obstacles are often difficult to get rid of & yet if you could see them from our side they are in fact quite transient. If you can also take this view, then you can invite them to leave. This act of invitation will begin the process of dissolving these obstacles. It’s as if you are blowing with your breath on to those clouds.

Although tonight you all have different aspirations the fact that you are together is strengthening your individual aspiration. You are working towards perfecting your aspirations in a very dynamic world. You are challenged by your karma & seeming coincidences. However your time here on earth gives you the chance to experiment with your life. Sometimes you may put together ideas & actions that are not harmonious. Remember you are in a universe that is constantly evolving & also your own inner universe has the natural tendency to evolve. But it’s in your hands & sometimes you may want to paralyse aspects of evolution. Ultimately even the most stubborn situation or entrenched position can be moulded to make you subtler & bring further understanding of yourself & others.

The moment you find yourself in balance then your highest wisdom flows. Then you can be of greater assistance to yourself & others. When the highest wisdom gathers in you there is a potency that affects the world around you. Even if you don’t leave your room you are still affecting the circumstances & environment around you. You are beautiful souls that are continuously refining the texture of your being. Even if you make mistakes you are still enriching the texture of existence, because perhaps through your mistake somebody will learn not to do the same mistake. In this new year to come it is so relevant that you understand how you influence one another. As you influence one another in this dance of life remember none of you is more or less important in the eye of the ‘light of existence.’

In the ‘light of existence’ you are absolutely equal & it is matter to become more reflective & understand your self. It is your enthusiasm that creates sparks & tonight you might hear bangs that create sparks & this is created by the aspirations of people to be full of joy & to be luminous. Recently there have been years of fire and a year of fire & water & although those elements are still warring & creating a renewal for mother earth there are still imbalances.

Remember the orientation for the human family is integration & you are an aerial for the element that is called sky, the air element. You are asked to be positioned like a very precise antenna to be a precise receiver & transmitter of energy wherever you are, and this is not only for the this new year but for the years to come.

In this year to come it is a good idea to value all the richness that you have become because the flow of this next year will be a seesaw. A seesaw of events that are sometimes startling, sometimes extremely painful & at other times very uplifting. You have to learn to navigate & be still in the seesaw of life events. Some of these will be world events. We are encouraging you to hold your ground, not because you have to fear but because you know your greatness, you know more & more who you truly are. These are times of subtleties.

On the one hand things appear to be becoming coarser & heavier but on the other hand subtler & subtler inputs of existence are pouring in. Somebody needs to receive these inputs so that is why you are gathered here to receive more & more of this. Our little group here tonight is one small cell in the countless cells of the human family & the invisible world that are coming together to reunite all the energies, & to re-establish that sense of renewal, that is so powerful in your minds at this particular time of year.

Remember you do not have to mesmerised by a general collective feeling of fear, tension & uncertainty. Through your not knowing you discover your knowing. Through your own uncertainty you find your certainty, through your confusion you find your clarity. The important thing is that you call for that, you make your subtle level of being present to your life. As you do that maybe ten minutes a day & eventually increasing to an hour a day then your invisible being becomes more paramount  in your day & your vista becomes clearer as to what is truly taking place on the planet & then your inner & outer being react accordingly. You can see more clearly the rhythm of expansion & withdrawal. You know what is truly calling you & what is not truly calling you.

So this is the invite for you to be this beautiful transmitter of light & energy & to dissipate clouds that begin to rise in you which means you are already dissipating clouds in others by being an example.

We want to thank you for all your dedication to your spiritual evolution not only in this life time but in earlier lives. We know how difficult life is on earth. You can always ask for help from the invisible world. If you find you cannot do this then you have your own light & that is paramount to all because light attracts & calls other lights.

Your own light is a beauty to behold & we are not saying these words just because it is a pleasant evening, it is the truth. We wish you peace & joy not just for now but for all the days to come. Good night dear friends, Good night.


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Love & Light to You All from   London Munjiji Group

Love & Light to You All from London Munjiji Group

The Texture of Existence is Love

Munjiji speaks about passion which we confuse with love, that love has become such a concept of the mind that it has become misunderstood.

If you wish there is a second audio that focuses on love & letting go that you might find helpful.

Be Yourself


If you cannot be yourself in life, then to your children, you will be a reminder of unfulfilled dreams.