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A ‘Prayer’ Is Answered

Things in my life are changing. Friends I’ve had for years are not around, or getting ill, or we just don’t have much in common. Groups I’ve been attending, for a long time, are closing. I understand enough about spiritual life to know that the ego has to surrender its wants, to accept the Divine will, which ultimately is for my good, but it’s tough!

Munjiji: As you evolve things you are used to change, even breakdown, can you point to anything permanent in this world of yours? Nothing, this is the truth of  physical existence.

One observation we have is around the notion of surrender. Your witness consciousness is observing that you are disappointed with what’s happening in your life. Try bringing to mind an image of the two plates on the scales of existence. On one plate your emotional body is dealing with disappointment and is heavy. Adding more weight is your disappointment, that if you were surrendering to the higher will properly you wouldn’t feel like this. What would you put on the other plate to balance it?

It’s About Trust

Well you can say to yourself that with friendships that have grown thin, there is the opposite of thin, which is an invisible abundance, that is attempting to permeate my being more. This invisible abundance is the power of the Divine that will fill me at the appointed time with what I require. So you have to stay faithful to this power. It’s about trust, the Bible calls it faith. By putting trust on the opposite scale a balance arises, equanimity is restored.

Surrender is the offshoot of gradually building trust with the invisible power, that presence of consciousness and love. You have to trust that even if all the friends disappear there will still be a fullness, IF you can recognise it.

On the other hand if you feel there is nothing on the other scale and God is just testing you then your plate goes down further. To create the balance remember that the Divine intelligence is loving, bountiful and painstakingly attending to your needs.

The Best Friend

Eventually by trusting, things will arise that are so beneficial, that the loss of friends will be no more important than the coins in your pocket. You have to trust this is the case, even if it doesn’t look that way. This is how the wise ones, the ancient teachers, were always rich having nothing, but actually this is very practical, very precise. Feeling lacking and looking at the situation as a test, will not assist you. Instead you have to feel that what is not coming your way is going to be replaced by something else. There is truly a loving, caring, benevolent, presence that wants me, and that is the best friend. This is not an intellectual concept.

Somewhere in your subconscious lies the belief  you are not looked after. Your subconscious is important, because without its memory function you would have to learn how to walk, speak, and read every day. But it also contains a whole host of bad habits and limiting beliefs which automatically run your life. To overcome this you really need an affirmation to reset the negative beliefs. You have to say that you can withstand the apparent annihilation of friendship, because I know somewhere there are tremendous riches waiting for me. That is the engine that moves all the grace and bountifulness.

Life is to Be Experienced, Not Judged

If you stay with the mindset that you are not surrendered, living in hope, but still feeling deprived,  that limits your consciousness. The danger is you then start to dislike yourself, because things are not coming your way. Instead learn to suspend judgement over the events of your life. Life is to be experienced, not judged.

Surrender to the Divine comes later. First you have to fill the seemingly empty container with trust that the greater being loves you, and will fill the container at the appointed time. In order to feel the love you have to trust. Only you can do this, nobody can trust for you.

This is the true renunciation. Renouncing old ways of looking at things. This is the learning, to know that you are rich, and this doesn’t depend on how many friends you have, or how many people are calling you. The bountifulness of your soul is all pervasive, influencing you and your world. By relying on your inner riches you find the source of true happiness.

Actually Munjiji after my meditation this morning I was ‘talking’ to God explaining my problem. I was asking that if I could have some direct experience of the love of the Divine, then this problem would be irrelevant. Your answer this evening feels like a direct response to my question this morning.

Munjiji: yes that’s how it works. But in order to feel the love, you have to begin to trust. Trust the invisible love of the Divine. It’s a complete trust and that is surrender. This is all a play of light and shadow, like a film, it’s only apparently real. Begin trusting something beyond yourself, which is part of your higher self and your soul, which have their links to the Divine. Then you will see this physical existence is just a film of light and shadow, but until you do that, you see the film as real, and that’s called suffering.

Munjiji I am incredibly moved and grateful to get this wonderful answer via the medium, via you. I actually feel I’ve been heard. It’s amazing!!

Munjiji: yes, that’s the bountifulness of the Divine, that’s the proof.

I feel incredibly fortunate.

Munjiji: you’re not fortunate, that’s Divine abundance.

It’s just fantastic to get this assistance.

Munjiji: Because God wants to say, ‘if you call Me, I care’. The universe and the love of the Divine is bountiful, but it takes and gives according to what is needed and necessary. It does not always fit the requirement of the smaller individuality.


Embrace of the Divine

It’s good to get rid of internal attitudes that have become obsolete. One common attitude is lack.

Many of you have the feeling that you’re lacking something. We pick up from your thoughts that this can be about friends, money, relationship and so on. But this is a way that your mind tricks you. Now you may say the particular lack you are focused on is real and important to you. We agree in a limited sense it is, but this is the point, it is a limitation. As long as your mind is functioning it will always be aware of something it lacks with greater or lesser urgency. Do you want to be locked in an eternity of lack? You are free to chose. Now isn’t that empowering.

The universe is full of help if it can be heard, and it is calling you to think differently about what your mind tells you is missing in your life. Instead the universe is asking you to stay with a full notion of bountifulness. If you see around you bountifulness then more of that will come in terms of graciousness of life.

With your willpower you can attract the things you want, but you need to attract the grace in order to appreciate them. If your mind is quite impure then it will not have the purity which is called appreciation. And that is the cause of suffering for human beings.

Appreciation carries in it a hint of grace. So when there is no gratefulness, then grace takes a step backwards, and that is an automatic law, it is not a punishment from some external god. It’s just a separation that the individuals create.

Gratefulness is linked to bountifulness. It’s like an antidote, so if you feel you are lacking something just look at the trick that your mind is playing on you, because you are blessed indeed. So it’s an impurity in the mind which creates obscuration, and this is nothing to do with morality.

Your minds are full of obscurations that hide the transparency of soul, and prevents the identification with an energy that is full of light.

When the mental level is not pure it runs its own unique tendencies, so some degree of renunciation is required. This is what we said at the beginning concerning getting rid of internal attitudes that have become obsolete. This requires the development of spiritual muscles that can turn things around there and then, so that things do not fester and become so repetitive that you have lost your sense of direction, and life feels unfriendly to you.

This is the time of autumn and you have many fruits in your life and not all of them are perfect, but nevertheless you have many you can cherish and love. Once you’re grateful you attract grace, and grace is much bigger and vaster than your will power. It takes awareness and willingness to bring to mind that sense of gratitude, and to persist with it. But as you continue in this new rhythm of being your experience of life will feel bountiful.

Remember grace is the embrace of the divine, or whatever you want to call it. So whenever you see those obscurations of the mind working be swift to use your spiritual muscles, do not indulge the obscuration.


Gratitude Tree

Disillusionment with Politics


Q: I am disillusioned with politics and particularly the lack of progress on important issues like climate change, inequality and poverty. We always seem to have the wrong government.

M: You all live in a collective, which means you suffer collective karma together. Situations that suddenly seem to arise today actually began as long as twenty, thirty, forty years ago, but now are manifesting and taking people and governments by surprise. You may have nothing to do with the circumstances of forty years ago, you may not have been born, and that’s true of governments too.

Do not despair, because if you do you are simply reinforcing the negativity that nourishes only fear, distrust, sadness and sense of defeat. That is never required no matter what the conditions. It is important to maintain balance. So at a time of the dimming of the light you hold your torch, this is very important, that’s all you do, but one light can bring light to many more.

Q: I’m not a political person, but I have been sending all the powerful people horrible energy for what they’re doing. But then I think that’s not good for me or them.

M: Sending negative thoughts adds more fear, so sending negative thoughts to people who are making decisions, that in their own mind are right, puts them into a confused state. Instead send light with the wish that they be illumined, may they act for the benefit for all the planetary beings, may they act for the benefit of the human family. Send this light to them and some may become less blind, less bound by all the various conventions, laws, possibilities, debates, and regulations with which they tie themselves in knots.

Actually some of them would like to be a little bit freer, but they cannot be because of all the things they have not done before, or they are afraid to do tomorrow. Their position is also not so easy, entanglement is quite dense, it’s not that anyone is feeling very happy about the situation, that would be foolish.

Some people in top places see what is happening but they are paralysed by a number of elements. That is an even more frightening predicament because they will feel responsible for not having taken action. So they need help, there are two levels – you are functioning physically but you are also potent from your spiritual and energetic level and that’s where we collaborate with you strongly.

Do what you can and if the negativity in the world overwhelms you then send light to yourself first, and from that point of energy send light into the places that are most reluctant to change. So you can even think of certain government positions and send that light and ask that minds be illumined and turn things around.

Q: Is that really possible?

M: Yes, look at how all those minds are lost in those little machines you are using, so it’s possible that all those minds can turn around and make something better, unifying consciousness. When you send your light and prayers, what happens is it links with other people doing the same and then it becomes a chain of light. When there is a chain of light around a ring of darkness, somehow there is a kind of interaction, and potential arises for true transformation.

You live in a time of great opportunity for evolution, but it comes with pain, because of past mistakes and the neglect of certain areas of life. Voices of despair can be turned into voices of hope, or will they turn into a single scream, and nothing changes. That is the challenge for all the human family right around the world.


A Changing World



With the presidential primaries that are going on, we seem to have a lot more chaos than usual.

Things that used to be hidden, are now being unveiled to the public. There seems to be an unravelling of the structure of power. Is there a larger universal purpose to it?


In the evolution of a number of countries, especially ones that have been gifted with financial resources, and flourishing economies, compared to others, the time has come to reveal more clearly the deepest level of contradictions that exist, where the human family is not sharing. This lack of sharing is happening both within countries and between countries.

Of course, a number of you have understood that there has to be more clarity, more honesty, more capacity to share – that nothing is truly yours. But many of you have not yet understood that, you still have a personal feeling of possessing. You possess intelligence, you possess a natural feeling of love, you possess so many qualities. But there are so many things that you have made yours, though they really belong to Mother Earth. They do not belong to anyone in particular, and they should be shared.

Over a long time there has been the harnessing of all kinds of possibilities, that Mother Earth offers you, but these have not been truly shared, a greedy opportunism is often the quality more in evidence. However like a balancing aspect to this greed, suddenly there is the other side of the coin. It’s like the maturing of an infection. Something is festering underneath, yet everybody is walking around very contented with their little world. Well, you have to expand your view. Your world has to become wider, bigger, more inclusive, even of the things that you may not like so much, but you have to include them, in order to understand. When you understand, then you can really make clear choices based on true wisdom.

And so, what has happened quite naturally, is an evolutionary aspect, it is an opportunity. There are souls that have a real understanding of what is needed. They have called for more justice, more openness, more clarity. This is taking place, but what it does – it creates a polarisation that is revealing where the infection is, where the puss is forming.

Of course, when there is a formation of something that is poisonous, there is always a resistance when it comes out, and there are all kinds of responses from the body, like fever. So if the body of the human family is full of infections, then fevers arise in order to shake it all up. This means, that people easily get angry, irate, greedy, and full of self-righteousness.

Just looking at your own body, you can see how to reduce the fever. You make healthy choices that support the body. In the same way you can work with the body of the human family, trying to see a few steps ahead, so you don’t get mesmerised by the polarisation that makes some people despair and doubt that any goodness is available.

Now, this chaos has its purpose. It has the self revealing confusion, that is the only way, that leads to clarity, to truth, and to better ways. But will you be able to choose those ways? Well, it depends on you, dear friends. We can help you, but you are in a planet of choices, and you are here to choose.

So how can you help those who are infected with poison within the body of the human family? Well, you can work from your being, from within your soul. And then, if you’re committed to any cause, for what you call justice, that you feel is relevant, take your part, and spirit will be with you, whatever you feel is your part to play.

But this chaos has its own function. It is not endless, it has to come into a new phase, into a new positioning. So it is all in your hands, you know that there is a time for high fever, and there is a time for ways to bring it down. There are ways, yes, you can do it.

There is high fever and tremendous temperatures in the world. But the human family is moving, because there is some clear realisation, and also some erroneous understanding, and they are all out there in the melting pot for the evolution of the human family. Will you be working for the evolution or for a regressive state? That is your choice, and we are here to assist you, to use your light as much as you can.




Financial Institutions on the Horizon

Q: I am having some financial problems, how can I deal with my bank?

Munjiji: The banks are not the friends of the human beings, are they? They are an entity of their own mind. You have to appeal to the sensibilities of the human beings that work there, if they are not too identified with the entity that is called the bank.

When groupings of powerful minds congregate motivated by ideology, money, power, status or similar stimulants of the lower mind they create potent entities out of their thought forms. These entities almost have their own mind with its own existence. Do not underestimate them.

It’s not just banks, it can be governments, political parties, corporations and many many groups. This is not to say they are necessarily bad, but you need to know what you are dealing with. Are these groups with a benevolent motivation, are they there to serve the human family, or is their horizon shall we say, a little bit narrower?

As we have just said there are people in banks and other organisations who have a wider horizon, their inner light is not completely obscured and so will resonate with your light. Keep polishing your light to attract more light to you, no matter what the situation. If you approach these organisations with negativity you will connect with the very opposite of what you intend. It’s up to you.

Soul Groups – Law of Affinity



You are here to experience group soul development and that works through a law of affinity. This means you will be drawn to meet certain people, and to exchange thoughts, ideas, feelings, aspirations, and other aspects of your being that naturally flow to them.

The law of affinity means that like attracts like, and when you come into incarnation that does not mean that your family is your soul group. There are all kinds of reasons why you chose your family, it could be affinity but also karmic reasons. At the soul level you do recognise when you meet companions of your soul group, because your heart flows naturally to them and theirs flows to you. You will meet through coincidence, synchronicity, and times where you become like minded, but maybe for only a short period of time.

Souls Recognise One Another Energetically

There are elements in common, like ideals, and things that define more and more your soul group. Sometimes your soul group is vast and other times it is smaller, also each one of you belongs to a number of soul groups.

Remember that as you came into incarnation you touched other planetary levels of the solar system and acquired certain qualities and information that you bring here. This might mean that you belong to a group of musicians, this is just one level, but it is a creative level. You could belong to a guild of chefs, it does not matter the kind of work, but then there are those groups that you recognise, not with your mind, but with your heart. It works energetically, there is an exchange because souls recognise one another energetically. It may not be immediate, you may take some time to recognise them.

Sometimes, because of a karmic imprint, although you belong to a certain soul grouping you may have a certain aversion to an individual within that grouping. Now look at this because the aversion works as the polar opposite of the law of affinity, because it is the same law. So this big aversion is pulling you somewhere in your mind towards the person, and although when you feel this aversion you want to run miles away, but mentally you are there with them again. Your mind is there saying: ‘I don’t like them, I don’t like them’, but this keeps them in your mind. Often that is karmic, and it needs to be dealt with at that level.

Suspend Judgement – You Never Know

All of you bring karmic imprints here because there are little karmic debts here and there to be paid back. So there is a realisation with just the people that disturb you, that they have come to assist you to learn new skills and new ways of looking at things. This is in order to neutralise and eventually to finish and complete that karmic debt. That person does not necessarily belong to your soul group. But sometimes the most unbearable person to you, who might be quite close to you, perhaps a part of your work group, and suddenly they have a moment of understanding and illumination where they are transformed and then you see beyond the veil, beyond your judgement. So that aversion was in fact a calling card to pay attention to them. You really don’t know, it’s really quite interesting, because things are often not what they seem. That’s why we say : suspend judgement because you never know.

Your soul group may look like a group of affinity but then in that group with whom you share so much there may be one or two people that you find impossible. They may also be part of the soul group which does not seem like good news to you and everybody else! But they are part of the soul group and they have to play their part, which is a kind of disturber, creating friction in order for you to evolve together. They play their part and you have to become more and more fluid with what is disturbing.

Soul groups are not just the cosy places you like to think of, but give you the possibility to grow and evolve, not only as an individual but as a group.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth continues in the inter life , but emotional growth can only happen on earth.

People who meditate twelve hours a day don’t necessarily become more illumined, not even of their higher self. Instead it’s about coming into a relationship with the divine. At the appropriate time it will show its face. It does not depend on the will of the seeker, this was the old way, but it only takes you to a certain point. It’s about relating, its about love, it’s not about will power. A very organic process.

In relating to God or to use a metaphor : to meet the roots of the highest tree (the Divine) you need to approach it through all the different branches. These are all processes placed in front of you to learn more about yourself.


You are already living in eternity. There is only one life: life in physical form and life not in physical form.

Winter is a Reminder

DSC01644We can hear you wondering, why am I here? Why am I in this family? This situation circumstance, country, etc. The personality has a limited view, and this  brings uneasiness; it’s time to return to ease.

Relax into the timeless, spaceless atmosphere and resonance of your own soul, your own light, the highest in yourself. You can also share it with those with whom you resonate.

You Light Further Lights

Connecting with your higher self, as you journey into winter, your light reverberates  lighting a light in others. When you walk in darkness you need a light, to find your direction. When you don’t know and are distressed or confused, it is an invitation to illumine your night, with your light, and winter is a reminder.

You need to bring consciousness and presence into your mental and emotional body which then permeates the physical body as well.  Then the night acquires a tender quality; it is not so frightening, not so puzzling, or maddening.

Your Purpose is To Evolve

You live in physical existence, which indicates polarity. Don’t judge it. Light and dark are simply positionings of existence; they are not good or bad. The soul knows exactly, and decided to re-enter a physical life, in order to expand and also for the overall human evolution. This is the purpose of the human family: to evolve, as far as it is possible.

Keep Your Light Bright

We do understand that the body from which you operate restricts you. You don’t see there is a hand holding your hand and walking with you. Your higher self is whispering in your ears and indicating the direction which to take. It is the greatest blessing to feel that reunion.

In winter, come to acknowledge your own light, as the sun sets earlier. It is a beautiful time with fewer distractions. Your function is to keep your light bright because you are continuously helping other beings.

While you are a human being, do not consider yourself separate from the invisible world. As you are this light, no one can take it away, it has been there from the beginning, and will be until the end and even before the beginning and after the end. It’s so simple that it cannot be extinguished. But it can be forgotten by the lower mind.

Just By Being in Your Light is A Service To The World

Do not be shy, there is a tremendous potency and power in your own light, which can illuminate others.

Keep doing this service and you will radiate out all over the world. How beautiful is that. Simply just by being, perhaps meditating, working at a desk,  walking in the street whatever you attend to you are expanding, manifesting this light, this service to the world. The awareness of this is the work you need to put in to make your light more vibrant, more brilliant.

There is nothing more beautiful in this winter season than celebrating the light, and of course the lights of friends and families who are not in physical form now. They are brimming with light, eager to reunite with your light.

When You See Yourself as A Gift You Illuminate

You work in groups of souls. It’s only in physical form that you feel isolated. You build walls, and these are self-created.

You are never alone; we hear the crying in this part of the world, where people suffer from loneliness, which they feel deeply, this distance from their own light. Once the personality turns to light, to the highest, and as soon as you see yourself as a gift, you illuminate.

Help is always at hand, if you pay attention, even to the very difficult moment when all turns to a dark night of the soul. In the depth of the dark your spark of light remains intact.  Your perfection is in your presence and recognition of your light.

You can illuminate those that despair, just by walking in the street. You don’t have to convince anyone of anything. Just knowing you are a light, a lamp unto yourself. It requires courage to exist, and courage to exist in a world with so many contradictions.

A Contemplation


Lack of interest in the essential nature of being is the cause of all troubles.

Direct your mind internally and you will find peace.

Draw you attention away from outer disturbances. There are always ripples that cannot be accounted for.

Where will you end if you don’t begin with yourself?

What is past is past, but how can you make your present more liveable if you don’t inhabit your soul?

Chasing stormy weather and choppy waters, who will benefit?

Abide in your true nature; this is the voice of the Ancient Ones.

How do you begin? It is a question of discipline.

Vacillating between real and unreal the Noble One pauses to discriminate.

Abiding in truth requires firmness of intention and action.

The one who perishes knows nothing of being and not being.

True Culture and Beauty arise from a clear Heart.

When the Heart knows no direction, who will you blame?

Time and time again return to the Art of knowing.

14th February 2008